Implants for a bodybuilder*

Procedure Details

The shaped silicone gel implants, sometimes called the gummy bear implants are an excellent choice for competitive bodybuilders. The reason for this is that the shaped implant is able to maintain its natural look even when there is little to no tissue overlying it. The shaped implant can be placed over the muscle so that there is no movement of the implant during posing routines and during chest workouts. One of the minor drawbacks to having a submuscular breast implant is the "dancing implant." That is - when the pectoralis muscle is flexed the submuscular implant will move slightly. For the average person this is rarely noticeable during daily activity. However, for the serious bodybuilder, these movements can become very obvious. In particular, bench press, pec-deck, pec fly's and dips make the submuscular implant move back and forth with each rep. A subfascial shaped implant will not have this problem.


Southern Hills Hospital

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