Reducing a large nose*

Procedure Details

This patient had thought about having a nose job for most of his life. He alway felt self conscious regarding the size of the nose especially the tip. He recently embarked on a second career and wanted to make a change for himself by moving forward with improving his nose. One of the challenges of large noses is that the skin of the nose can be very thick. While the underlying structure can be reduced and improved, the skin cannot be thinned out. Thick skinned patients generally have more swelling, and take longer for the swelling to settle down. The patient is seen here at the 6 month follow-up and there is still quite a long way to go in terms of healing. Most noses take 6- 12 months to soften completely and thick skinned patients can be closer to 18 months. Nevertheless the patient was happy with the change we achieved. We look forward to updating the patient's progress over the next year.


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