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Laser Hair Removal in Las Vegas, NV

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What is laser hair removal?

Traditional methods of hair removal (shaving, waxing, and depilatory treatments) are time consuming, uncomfortable, and only give temporary results. Dr. Christopher Khorsandi, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Las Vegas, NV, offers laser hair removal for safe, effective hair reduction on the face and body. Our laser system delivers a precise and controlled pulse of energy that only affects the hair follicle. Some patients may need multiple sessions based on their individual hair growth rate and the thickness of their hair. Laser hair removal can be used on the face, legs, underarms, and other common areas. It is appropriate for men and women who want to save themselves the time and trouble of other hair removal methods.

Our Technologies

There are numerous laser technologies on the market for safe and effective hair removal. Dr. Khorsandi spares no expense to invest in the latest and greatest lasers for faster, more effective hair removal treatments. Currently, VIP Plastic Surgery offers Las Vegas, NV patients the following laser treatments for a smoother, hairless skin appearance:

  • Clear and Brilliant Pelo
  • Venus Versa using Smart Pulse™ technology
  • InMode Diolaze
  • Cynosure Elite MPX

During your initial consultation, your hair will be assessed so that the right laser can be chosen for your unique hair removal needs. Our lasers typically offer various wavelengths, which will vary according to the patient's skin tone, hair type, hair thickness, texture, and the amount of hair being removed. 

Absolutely love the staff at Vip everyone is so kind and friendly. I've been getting my laser hair removal and tattoo removal done by Sarah and am so happy with my results. I've followed Sarah from her previous employer and highly recommend her to anyone looking to have treatments done. Bye bye hair and ugly 20yr old tattoosonly few treatments left and they will be completely gone.

A.L. Yelp

Ok so i went in for a consultation for tattoo removal and i couldn't be more happy about this place.. very clean and professional every employee was very helpful.. i met Sarah and felt welcomed and she was very knowledgeable with her lazers... she told me it would be a process and would take several treatments... so i decided to go through with it and I'm glad i did.. thank you Sarah for everything I'm very pleased with the turn out. I would recommend this place and Sarah to any friends i have i will be back for more treatment and hair removal.. all around great experience thank you vip!

A.D. Yelp

This is my favorite place for all of my procedures. Sarah is my favorite aesthetician, ever! She takes care of my face with lasers and peels, has successfully removed 90% of this awful arm tattoo and does laser hair removal on my whole body. I highly, highly recommend VIP and SARAH!  I look forward to our monthly pain sessions  lol

J.L. Yelp

I have had the best experience at VIP Plastic surgery. Melanie is the "Master Esthetician". She is knowledgeable and on top of the latest new trends with lasers, skin care, etc. I will be going to her for all my upkeep work on maintaining a youthful face and neck. And especially with the removal of a few tattoos with the "Picosure Laser". She is a complete doll! *Before and After* *1 session of the picosure laser treatment *

N.C. Yelp

This is my go to spot! Dr. K is a very talented and knowledgeable man and I feel very confident relying on him for my fillers and Botox. I am looking into trying some of their facial and laser services they also offer :-)

O.R. Yelp


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What Are the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal?

Habitual waxing and shaving is annoying. Laser hair removal performed by the providers at VIP Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas, NV gives an ideal option to the conventional techniques for removing unattractive hair. Upsides of laser hair removal are:

  • Able to be performed on a variety of parts of the body and for different varieties of hair
  • Makes skin smoother and more moisturized
  • A swift treatment with little to no discomfort for most individuals
  • Not as painful as plucking or waxing
  • Yields long-term outcomes
  • Prevents ingrown follicles
  • Acts against hair regrowth between sessions

Laser Hair Removal Procedure

During laser hair removal, it is common for multiple treatments to be done to ensure that the hair follicles are destroyed. At any given time, a certain number of hairs are in a resting phase, rather than a growth phase. Because the laser treatment is not effective on the hair follicles that are not actively growing, multiple sessions are needed. On average, it takes about 3 – 5 treatments to disable new hair growth. These sessions are spaced between 3 – 4 weeks to make sure the area has already recovered from the previous session. During the treatment, the skin is stretched slightly so that the laser can precisely target the hair follicle roots. When this happens, the follicle absorbs the heat and ultimately falls off and stops re-growing.

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What to Expect

Because of the vacuum, patients will feel slight pressure on the area that is being treated. The laser beam can slightly sting, but cool temperatures will be applied between pulses to help with the patient’s discomfort. The application of cold blast also minimizes side effects high temperatures may cause. Sessions may last from 15 minutes up to an hour for larger areas, such as the back. Although patients can resume normal activity after treatment, the treated area will look and feel similar to a sunburn. Patients should avoid exercise for about 24 hours to allow the skin to calm, and sun exposure should be avoided during treatment.

Expected Cost

There is no standard cost for laser hair removal as the fees vary depending on a number of factors, including the size of the area being treated and the amount of hair to be removed. In addition, costs will also vary depending on the laser technology utilized, as well as the number of sessions required to attain the desired results. The estimated fee is around $250 per session and a minimum of 3 sessions is often required. 

Remove Unwanted Hair

VIP Plastic Surgery offers numerous ways to remove unwanted hair. If you are tired of shaving, waxing, and plucking, then we invite you to call our Las Vegas, NV plastic surgery office to learn more about laser hair removal. Because one laser doesn't fit all, we have various options depending on your specific aesthetic needs. In addition to laser hair removal, Dr. Khorsandi also offers many other laser treatments to help combat lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, vascular discoloration and veins, and sun damaged skin. Learn more by scheduling your consultation today.

Best Candidate?

Individuals with light skin and dark hair generally are the best candidates for laser hair removal. That being said, individuals with varying skin tones and hair color can also be considered for this treatment, but in order for the laser to “find” the hair and effectively treat it, it has to be able to “see” it. Therefore, those with light skin and very light blonde hair may not be the best candidates for this procedure.

Will I Only Have 1 Session?

A series of laser hair removal treatments is designed to ensure that all hair growth is suppressed. There will be significant reduction, but not all hair follicles are destroyed in the initial session and some may continue to grow. The additional sessions ensure that the remaining growing hairs will also be taken. 

How Long Is Recovery?

There is no downtime following laser hair removal and patients can usually resume their normal routine. There will be tingling and slight redness on the treated area that subsides after a few hours. Afterwards, the skin may look and feel like it’s sunburnt. Cooling creams or ice packs may provide relief to the burnt feeling. Sun exposure must be limited several weeks before and after treatment.

Is This Long Lasting?

Once the follicle is removed, the hair cannot regrow. However, with a single treatment, not all follicles are destroyed and those that survive normally will still grow hair. This is the reason why follow-up treatments are required to remove all growing hair the initial treatment missed. 

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.