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Laser Vaginal Restoration in Las Vegas, NV

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What's Vaginal Restoration?

After aging and childbirth, many women can experience a change in the appearance of their vaginal skin as well as dryness and laxity. Not only can this detract from the patient's appearance and self-esteem, but it also decreases sexual satisfaction and can make sexual intercourse a painful or uncomfortable experience. To treat and alleviate these symptoms, Las Vegas, NV board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Khorsandi recommends laser vaginal restoration using the CO2RE Intima device by Syneron Candela. This laser handpiece is able to heat up the vaginal wall and surrounding tissues to tighten and revive the skin, combat dryness, and restore discoloration. If patients are looking for a nonsurgical way to rejuvenate their vagina, then we encourage them to contact VIP Plastic Surgery today to learn more.

Ideal Candidates

A great candidate for nonsurgical vaginal restoration will be interested in:

  • Repairing vaginal issues or appearance flaws without undergoing cosmetic surgery
  • Strengthening the vaginal canal
  • Increasing production of natural moisture and lubrication
  • A decrease in sexual discomfort and enhancement of sexual arousal and climax 
  • Long-term results without downtime

I have had the best experience at VIP Plastic surgery. Melanie is the "Master Esthetician". She is knowledgeable and on top of the latest new trends with lasers, skin care, etc. I will be going to her for all my upkeep work on maintaining a youthful face and neck. And especially with the removal of a few tattoos with the "Picosure Laser". She is a complete doll! *Before and After* *1 session of the picosure laser treatment *

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Treatment Technique

To perform the procedure, a wand applicator will be slowly passed over the exterior of the labia and vulvar tissues. The CO2RE handpiece may be inserted into the vagina as it emits controlled radio frequency (RF) energy to the tissues and other internal structures to stimulate collagen and tighten the area. The wand contains a built-in thermometer to adjust the temperature as needed to prevent burns or injury.

LVR Recovery

Nonsurgical vaginal restoration can be performed in our office in around 30 minutes. No anesthesia is required for the treatment, as it should be relatively comfortable. A recovery period is not usually necessary following a CO2RE Intima treatment. Patients may return to their everyday activities right after their session. 

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When will I see results?

Many of our patients notice results after the first or second session, while some may not notice them for up to three months following the procedure as the collagen process begins to start. 

What Are There Risks?

The CO2RE device has been cleared by the FDA to treat a large number of gynecological and genitourinary issues. Treatments have been deemed as safe and effective, producing a comfortable experience with little pain and no downtime associated with treatments. The CO2 lasers are also favored for use on intimate areas of the body due to their more gentle nature that does not produce scarring as opposed to other laser systems.

How Many Sessions?

While patients can benefit from a single session, Dr. Khorsandi generally recommends three treatments scheduled one week apart for a maximum outcome. 

Are LVR Results Long-Lasting?

These results usually last up to 18 months, but annual follow-up treatments are recommended to help patients maintain the benefits.

Explore your LVR Options

Laser vaginal restoration using the CO2RE Intima system is an exciting option if you wish to counter some of the signs and symptoms that come along with menopause, childbirth, and aging that can detract from self-esteem and sexual satisfaction. It can also improve the appearance of your vaginal skin and labia without the downtime of an invasive surgery. To learn more about vaginal restoration, we invite you to contact our Las Vegas, NV office at your earliest convenience.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.